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Kasia OM Connect Members Club - Create Change

Be more, do more, feel more of what you want. Be seen. Matter.

Kasia OM Connect - Connection with global women

What is Kasia OM Connect?

A membership organisation for global women, who through international connections and personal development achieve their most aspiring goals and positively influence their lives and those around them.

Sometimes, it is about growing as a person and developing your own skills to achieve what is desired. Other times, it is about surrounding yourself with people who act in a way, which makes you feel safe and accepted for who you are – we do that too.

If you feel called to…

Connect with a global network of like-minded women
Develop skills required to achieve your personal and professional goals
Design your dream life and career
Make a desired difference in the world

Is this program for you?

  • If you dread Mondays, cannot wait for Fridays, and weekends are all you enjoy
  • If you don’t have time for the things which make you feel alive, and ‘busy’ is the word you use the most, if you watch TV aimlessly just to forget about your problems
  • If you don’t feel connected to a tribe, and your relationships are stagnant
  • If you feel under-stimulated at work, feel disrespected, unappreciated or not seen
  • If you wish it was easier to communicate with people at work or in your close circles
  • If you often feel lonely

then it may be time to re-design your life

Women are capable of changing the world, if only they believed they could.

Change your perspective, change your life

My appreciation and love of what you do, your efforts, your teaching, your kindness, your strength, honesty, vitality, vulnerability… see you live your life inspires me and inspired me to tell you “thank you” in those words.

Kat Yew – Early Childhood Educator and Nanny

Kat Yew

Kasia, thank you for an informative event last night and a chance to network. I feel so privileged with your support and on a day like today it inspires me to share my gratitude with you. I hope all the love and kindness in your heart that you give to others returns back to you.

Loretta Spatocco – Resume Writer and Owner, Skills for Your Career

Loretta Spatocco

Ready to join Kasia OM Connect?

Receive Members-Only Access to:



Tribe of like-minded women worldwide, professionals or stay-at-home mums, who connect via Think Up Group, Experts’ Sessions, Webinars and our Facebook Community.



Inspired by a monthly theme, each session provides information, new skills and tools in areas of personal effectiveness and leadership skills development.


Training Modules

Bi-weekly workbooks delivered to your inbox to assist in your life and career progression, self-esteem, self management, balance, conflict resolution and building better relationships.



Opportunities for members to showcase your business, demonstrate knowledge and insights. All entrepreneurs, experts in their field, service providers or idea creators are welcome to present in one of our Zoom ‘Experts Session’.



Members only content to complement webinars’ content, Think Up Group discussions and Experts Sessions for effectiveness in personal and professional endeavours.



Regular group meetings held via Zoom providing insights and discussions on variety of personal growth topics and answers to challenging questions. Focus of the chats will align with webinar sessions’ topics.

At discounted rates, members have access to:

Online Training Program (Early Bird Special)

Design Your Ideal Life Program commencing in Jan 2020.

Live events (20% discount)

In Australia, New Zealand and Europe where members can connect face to face

Join our Members Club Community - Kasia OM Connect

Who is the Members Club for?

A Global Woman WHO is also…

A Change Maker, A Woman with a Mission, A Thought Leader, A Trail Blazer, A Leader within Business, A Mother Juggling Priorities, Woman wanting to Connect and find her Tribe

Who is a global woman?

She is a woman who has no limitations in her perceptions – who is inclusive, not threatened by others, but open-minded and curious, non-judgmental, who is caring and confident, who is nurturing and firm, who is a leader, not necessarily by her profession, but by her nature.

She may be an expat surrounded by other global thinkers or someone who wants to contribute her gifts and ideas for the betterment of future generations. She may be looking to leave a trace and a legacy, as a result of her own journey, things she has seen or experienced. She may just have a desire to give.

This woman has a need to connect with other like-minded women, no matter where they are, to find inspiration, to listen to their stories, to share her stories, her views and her dreams.

This woman wants to share her vision for the world and find support and guidance, mentorship and advice, she wants to be heard, she wants to be seen.


Join like-minded global woman - Kasia OM Connect

She trusts her value and her contribution, even if she doesn’t fully believe in her self yet.

She is ready to pursue her dreams and now she needs some tools, some steps and she may need to be guided through training, a mastermind group program or by others, by her tribe.

Get your shine on with Kasia OM Connect Members Club

Why would you join?

  • To connect with other women who feel or think alike, who want to see you succeed, who are inspired by you or seek inspiration
  • To have the opportunity to reach an international audience for your product, service or an idea
  • To learn more about yourself and what’s required for you to lead the life you want
  • To develop higher self awareness and confidence
  • To have the opportunity to join an exclusive mastermind group
  • To attend live events in different parts of the world
  • To participate in monthly webinars
  • To support others and be supported
  • To complete bespoke and comprehensive online training programs (soon to come)

About the founder

Hi, I am Kasia!

I am a Polish-born and living in Australia global citizen. I am a mum to my 2.5 year-old girl, wife and a life enthusiast. I am a connector and a curious communicator.

I have helped women transition in their careers and lives. I have been a regular facilitator of masterclasses and workshops at Corporate Summits and Conferences for women across Australia and New Zealand.

My main approach to helping ‘career’ women achieve their goals has always been the same- to understand and accept yourself before trying to understand, communicate, negotiate and support others. This approach has proven extremely successful and contributed to positive shifts in women’s lives and careers.

As a result of becoming a mum, I have grown to appreciate the range of challenges women face daily and have since expanded my offering beyond corporate and professional development.

Click here for Kasia’s official bio.

Kasia OM Connect - About the Founder

Why this members club now?

I have set up Kasia OM Connect, because I deeply believe that:

  • It all starts with women Women are fundamental to the success of any family and equally, their natural skills and attributes become invaluable to the success of a modern organisation, thriving business or a leadership skill set.
  • Women can and usually do achieve their success and fulfilment, because of and not despite of being women. They can best achieve that by honouring the balance of feminine and masculine energies. We teach here how to achieve the balance.
  • Women are capable of changing the world, if only they believed they could. It is often the lack of self-esteem, early conditioning and deeply ingrained beliefs that prevent them from taking action. It’s not the skill set or lack of drive.
  • Professional success is always achieved through personal growth – only by looking deeply into ourselves and understanding our values, beliefs and limitations, can we effectively grow, become empowered and influential on the outside. We achieve that here through webinars, live events, workbooks and mastermind group coaching.
  • The naturally feminine attributes such as compassion or intuition are what top global organisations look out for. Modern leadership requires now more empathy or emotional or social intelligence abilities. We help women tap into those attributes and honour them more in their interactions via our programs, too.
Change your life and the world - Kasia OM Connect Members Club

Thank you so much for last night, I had a wonderful time and absolutely loved meeting all of the women! You were fantastic and I loved observing how you run a workshop.

NATALIE REILLY – Mindset Development Coach, Flying Minds

Natalie Reilly

Kasia’s workshops have delivered exceptional benefits for our members over the years, both in Australia and in the UK. Her most recent workshop in London on using Emotional Intelligence to Influence and Negotiate received such positive feedback, with requests that we bring her expertise back to London soon. It is always a pleasure working with Kasia.

Colleen Schooling – Regional Head, EU&UAE CPA Australia

Colleen Schooling

Ready to join us?

Membership for the price of a coffee per week!






Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Women’s Club?

Global Women’s Club is all about connecting. As a member you get to connect to yourself and if you like, to other like-minded women – in order to achieve your goals, find your tribe or find moral or professional support you require to thrive.

Connecting to yourself is achieved through self development program we offer. You learn what you need about yourself and what you need to succeed through exercises (workbooks), webinars/ training sessions as well as members only content where Kasia shares her stories, insights and experiences in a form of blogs and videos.

There are additional services we offer at a discounted rate for members such as: live events in your city, coaching sessions, mastermind group coaching.

What PROBLEM is it resolving for you?

As a member you learn to live your life on your terms; lead your ideal life and career.

What does it mean?

You learn to be happier within yourself
Happier with others – have better relationships
Communicate better
Have less stress and anxiety
Do things faster and more effectively


You learn what you want first
What is your purpose? Your driver behind your actions
You learn what you are good at
You learn how to manage your emotions, to understand your emotions
You learn how to manage your thoughts
You learn to be a better partner, friend – have better relationships
Communicate effectively, resolve problems and conflicts
Manage your time, energy, find balance in life

Is it like coaching?

It is a much cheaper option for women who would like to engage in coaching or personal or professional development however have limited resources or time.

It is the best way to begin on the path of self-growth at a fraction of a price.

Is it for individual or corporate clients?

Both.  Training benefits both your personal and professional life.

What do I get out of being a member?
  • Your Growth Journey Workbooks delivered to you weekly
  • Webinars – one each month
  • Members only Content – Insights and Stories to inspire growth
  • Local & International Community – on members’ platform as well as in Facebook Group (Kasia OM Connect)
  • Power Coaching Session (free for Founding Members up until 31 May)
  • Access to events, mastermind group and coaching at a discounted rate
What are ‘Your Growth Journey Workbooks’ about?

Over 52 weeks you go a journey from self-awareness to self-management (emotions, time, energy) through to understanding others and relationship skills and management to finally effective communication including dealing with difficult people and conversations, influencing, persuasion and delegation.

As you grow as a person, learn to accept yourself, love yourself, you also grow as a leader of your own life and professionally.

How much time do I need to spend on it per week?

You can invest as much time or as little per week, as you like. A workbook will take you anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours to complete depending on the module, how aware you are of yourself and how detailed your responses.

You can additionally discuss modules with the community on the platform as well as connect with other women in the Facebook Group.

Webinars will take 1 hour each per month and you can replay them at any time.

What if I cancel my membership earlier?

If you decide to cancel your membership, you get to keep all the workbooks you have downloaded up until that point.

Is this for me?

It is for any woman who wants to grow personally or professionally, who is seeking answers and to her happiness.

It is for anyone who is looking to connect with other women on or off line

For a woman who wants to contribute her gifts and ideas, who wants to share her business offering with others.

So whether you are looking to connect to yourself or to others (community) because you want to contribute/ give or you need support- this membership platform is for you.

Do I need to be active all of the time or can I take a break or go on a holiday?
You can absolutely take a break and go on holidays or be ‘off line’ for as long as you need to. Each week you will be notified via email about a new module being available for you, and you can access this one as well as any of the previous modules, whenever you are ready.
Do I need to complete the workbooks in the order in which they are released?
Whilst the workbooks/modules are organised to take you on a journey from self understanding to understanding of others and then relationship management etc. majority of modules can be completed without pre-requisites.

In instances where reference to previous workbook/module is required, you will receive a notification to ‘also check out’ another workbook.

What if I cannot attend a Webinar?
All webinars will be recorded and so if you are unable to attend it live, you will be able to access its’ recording later on.
Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time by providing us with 30 days notice.

Annual membership cannot be cancelled however as an incentive you receive it as a discounted rate and two months free of charge for the year. Up until the end of May 2019, you also receive additionally discount, which makes it three months free on annual subscription.

Do I need to pay for anything else when I am a member?
There are no additional fees for services provided as part of your membership.

If you would like to take up any other of our program e.g. one-on-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, an online program or attend a live event, as a member you receive 20% discount on all.

Do I need to join Facebook community to benefit?
You do not need to join our Facebook community if you do not wish to, in order to fully benefit from membership. We encourage you to do that only so that you can meet other members.

If not on Facebook, we would like to encourage members to discuss their journey or learning on the platform, in the comments section below each workbook. You can also connect with members at one of our live events.

Is my information going to be shared with other members?
At this point we do not have a directory available for members so if you do not wish to engage in conversations with members, your information is undisclosed.

If the option of directory of members becomes available you will have the option to remain private or otherwise share your information with other members for promotional purposes (e.g. promoting your product or service).

If you are active in our Facebook community, obviously you will share your profile and information.

How can I meet other members?
You can meet other members by interacting with them in the comments section below each module, once you complete them. You can also interact with members in the Facebook group and at our live events in your city.

If you are ever seeking an expert in an area of interest (e.g. resume writer, copy writer, graphic designer, child educator and many more, please reach out to us via Facebook community or private message and we will connect you)

What is a Power Session?

Power Coaching Session is a 30 minute focused session to help you identify your 1 to 3 immediate steps you need to undertake to get to where you need to or want to be in your life or career.

In order to ensure the success of the session, prior to it, you receive an exercise and some questions to answer and send back to us.

The session will provide tangible steps to undertake AS WELL AS it will explore what is required for you to implement those steps successfully.

You will be advised about what tools you can use to help you – which workbooks from the Your Growth Journey Workbooks or if appropriate, an additional coaching session.

You will have an unlimited email support post the session.

Do I have to pay for the Power Session?

Power Session is free of charge for all Founding Members, who sign up by 31 May 2019.
From 31 May, the session costs $40 and you can sign up to it at any time, online.

Do I need to be in the same physical location to attend coaching or fully benefit from it?
You do not need to be in the same physical location in order to fully benefit from coaching. Coaching sessions are conducted with clients from all around the world and can be held via Zoom, Skype or over the phone, depending on your preference. You do not miss out on any benefits and actually are benefiting more by saving time and cost of travel.
Why is payment in American dollars?
The prices are quoted in American dollars as a common practice to accommodate for clients worldwide.
What else can I get out of the membership?

Additionally to the self development tools provided, and opportunities to connect with the wider community, promotional opportunities for your business, as well as access to our other services such as coaching, training, live events and mastermind, you will always have the option to get in touch with us and ask us questions, ask for support and guidance in your specific situation. We are open to suggestions and ideas and always here for our members.