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Kasia OM Connect Members Club - Create Change

Be more, do more, feel more of what you want. Be seen. Matter.

Kasia OM Connect - Connection with global women

What is Kasia OM Connect?

A membership organisation for global women, who through international connections and personal development achieve their most aspiring goals and positively influence their lives and those around them.

Sometimes, it is about growing as a person and developing your own skills to achieve what is desired. Other times, it is about surrounding yourself with people who act in a way, which makes you feel safe and accepted for who you are – we do that too.

If you feel called to…

Connect with a global network of like-minded women
Develop skills required to achieve your personal and professional goals
Design your dream life and career
Make a desired difference in the world

Is this program for you?

  • If you dread Mondays, cannot wait for Fridays, and weekends are all you enjoy
  • If you don’t have time for the things which make you feel alive, and ‘busy’ is the word you use the most, if you watch TV aimlessly just to forget about your problems
  • If you don’t feel connected to a tribe, and your relationships are stagnant
  • If you feel under-stimulated at work, feel disrespected, unappreciated or not seen
  • If you wish it was easier to communicate with people at work or in your close circles
  • If you often feel lonely

then it may be time to re-design your life

Women are capable of changing the world, if only they believed they could.

Change your perspective, change your life

My appreciation and love of what you do, your efforts, your teaching, your kindness, your strength, honesty, vitality, vulnerability… see you live your life inspires me and inspired me to tell you “thank you” in those words.

Kat Yew – Early Childhood Educator and Nanny

Kat Yew

Kasia, thank you for an informative event last night and a chance to network. I feel so privileged with your support and on a day like today it inspires me to share my gratitude with you. I hope all the love and kindness in your heart that you give to others returns back to you.

Loretta Spatocco – Resume Writer and Owner, Skills for Your Career

Loretta Spatocco

Ready to join Kasia OM Connect?

Receive Members-Only Access to:


Tribe of female experts, women worldwide, professionals or stay-at-home mums who through their wisdom, knowledge and expertise support, inspire and grow together.

LIVE WEBINARS & Masterclasses

Led by a monthly theme, each session provides new skills and tools in areas of personal effectiveness, resilience, communication, influencing, relationship management, balance, leadership and more.

Your Growth Journey Workbooks

Weekly Training modules completed in 10 to 20 minutes to help you progress in your personal and professional life. Develop higher self-esteem and self-awareness, increase self-acceptance and improve self-management amongst other skills.


Whether you have a new idea, a product you want to promote or a service you want to share with others, the community is there to support you, provide guidance or even help promote.
Conditions apply*


Members only content in a form of regular blog posts with bonus educational tools to accompany webinars’ content for effectiveness in personal life, professional interactions and more.

Facebook community

A group where you can connect, ask questions and share experiences with other like-minded women.

At discounted rates, members have access to:

Mastermind Group Coaching (20% discount)

Be held accountable and provided with specific tools and strategies to identify and achieve your most aspiring goals

Online Training Program (Early Bird Special)

Design Your Ideal Life Program commencing in Jan 2020.

Live events (20% discount)

In Australia, New Zealand and Europe where members can connect face to face

Join our Members Club Community - Kasia OM Connect

Who is the Members Club for?

A Global Woman WHO is also…

A Change Maker, A Woman with a Mission, A Thought Leader, A Trail Blazer, A Leader within Business, A Mother Juggling Priorities, Woman wanting to Connect and find her Tribe

Who is a global woman?

She is a woman who has no limitations in her perceptions – who is inclusive, not threatened by others, but open-minded and curious, non-judgmental, who is caring and confident, who is nurturing and firm, who is a leader, not necessarily by her profession, but by her nature.

She may be an expat surrounded by other global thinkers or someone who wants to contribute her gifts and ideas for the betterment of future generations. She may be looking to leave a trace and a legacy, as a result of her own journey, things she has seen or experienced. She may just have a desire to give.

This woman has a need to connect with other like-minded women, no matter where they are, to find inspiration, to listen to their stories, to share her stories, her views and her dreams.

This woman wants to share her vision for the world and find support and guidance, mentorship and advice, she wants to be heard, she wants to be seen.


Join like-minded global woman - Kasia OM Connect

She trusts her value and her contribution, even if she doesn’t fully believe in her self yet.

She is ready to pursue her dreams and now she needs some tools, some steps and she may need to be guided through training, a mastermind group program or by others, by her tribe.

Get your shine on with Kasia OM Connect Members Club

Why would you join?

  • To connect with other women who feel or think alike, who want to see you succeed, who are inspired by you or seek inspiration
  • To have the opportunity to reach an international audience for your product, service or an idea
  • To learn more about yourself and what’s required for you to lead the life you want
  • To develop higher self awareness and confidence
  • To have the opportunity to join an exclusive mastermind group
  • To attend live events in different parts of the world
  • To participate in monthly webinars
  • To support others and be supported
  • To complete bespoke and comprehensive online training programs (soon to come)

About the founder

Hi, I am Kasia!

I am a Polish-born and living in Australia global citizen. I am a mum to my 2.5 year-old girl, wife and a life enthusiast. I am a connector and a curious communicator.

I have helped women transition in their careers and lives. I have been a regular facilitator of masterclasses and workshops at Corporate Summits and Conferences for women across Australia and New Zealand.

My main approach to helping ‘career’ women achieve their goals has always been the same- to understand and accept yourself before trying to understand, communicate, negotiate and support others. This approach has proven extremely successful and contributed to positive shifts in women’s lives and careers.

As a result of becoming a mum, I have grown to appreciate the range of challenges women face daily and have since expanded my offering beyond corporate and professional development.

Click here for Kasia’s official bio.

Kasia OM Connect - About the Founder

Why this members club now?

I have set up Kasia OM Connect, because I deeply believe that:

  • It all starts with women Women are fundamental to the success of any family and equally, their natural skills and attributes become invaluable to the success of a modern organisation, thriving business or a leadership skill set.
  • Women can and usually do achieve their success and fulfilment, because of and not despite of being women. They can best achieve that by honouring the balance of feminine and masculine energies. We teach here how to achieve the balance.
  • Women are capable of changing the world, if only they believed they could. It is often the lack of self-esteem, early conditioning and deeply ingrained beliefs that prevent them from taking action. It’s not the skill set or lack of drive.
  • Professional success is always achieved through personal growth – only by looking deeply into ourselves and understanding our values, beliefs and limitations, can we effectively grow, become empowered and influential on the outside. We achieve that here through webinars, live events, workbooks and mastermind group coaching.
  • The naturally feminine attributes such as compassion or intuition are what top global organisations look out for. Modern leadership requires now more empathy or emotional or social intelligence abilities. We help women tap into those attributes and honour them more in their interactions via our programs, too.
Change your life and the world - Kasia OM Connect Members Club

Thank you so much for last night, I had a wonderful time and absolutely loved meeting all of the women! You were fantastic and I loved observing how you run a workshop.

NATALIE REILLY – Mindset Development Coach, Flying Minds

Natalie Reilly

Kasia’s workshops have delivered exceptional benefits for our members over the years, both in Australia and in the UK. Her most recent workshop in London on using Emotional Intelligence to Influence and Negotiate received such positive feedback, with requests that we bring her expertise back to London soon. It is always a pleasure working with Kasia.

Colleen Schooling – Regional Head, EU&UAE CPA Australia

Colleen Schooling

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  • In addition to member resources, as a Founding Member you will also receive…
  • A further 10% off the Annual Subscription Plan (pay USD$135 / year)
  • A 30 minute Power Session to define your 1 to 3 most important steps in your most desired direction
  • 20% discount on Mastermind Group Coaching
  • 20% discount on Live Events
  • Access to Early Bird Pricing for Online Trainings Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get what I want out of the membership?

You will have the opportunity to participate in life webinars or listen to recordings if you miss them. Together with workbooks accessible via our online library, you will be able to gain insight into your drivers, values, vision and goals. And if that is not enough, there is a sign up form to join our mastermind group available on the site too. Additionally, you will be able to connect with like-minded change makers in your town or internationally via common interests or profession. If none of this works, you have 30 days money back guarantee.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes if you opt for the month-by-month option, you will be able to unsubscribe at any point.
The annual subscription does not provide that option however you receive two months subscription free of charge.